Our premises

Branch Office – Narbonne

Our « Hybrid » offices (i.e., a combination of open space and closed offices) are modern and allow a permanent dialogue between employees.

Our project is managed inhouse by the company’s Executive Board. We rely on a team of experienced and dynamic professionals/engineers.

We work together with our internal engineers and a local network of service providers.

We have integrated clinical services with two dental

Head office – Domaine de Tarailhan – Fleury d ‘Aude (France)

OUR team

Who are we?


President and CEO

As a CEO of Invis’art, I am managing the company, the project and the teams. Well aware that performance depends on every worker’s involvement and on a high-quality work environment, I am seeking to preserve and develop the team spirit within my organization on a daily basis.


DGA & Hardware Engineer

I really like to begin from nothing and with the company Invis’art we had to create everything. Together with Aurore, we are permanently adjusting the corporate strategy so as to increase the company’s performance and ensure its sustainability, which is a challenge and a great experience.


Mechanical Engineer

Holder of an engineering degree from the National School of Mechanics and Microtechnics (ENSMM), I am passionate about technological innovation, especially in the medical field. I naturally joined Invis’art, which, moreover, gathers a very friendly team. In addition, I am sporty by nature, and enjoy running in the great outdoors.


Software Engineer

Working within a company that promotes its values on a daily basis, this makes a huge difference! An innovative project, at the forefront of hardware and software technologies, and an enthusiastic, competent and unified team… What are the ingredients of happiness at work?


Executive Assistant

More than just an executive assistant, I pay special attention to well-being of the employees. I think that everybody’s comfort at work, as well as the fact that they are happy to move forward on a project, inspires me to support them.


Image processing Engineer

Fascinated to have the opportunity to evolve and take on daily challenges thanks to a talented and dedicated team.


R&D Computer engineer

Curiosity is a bad thing a positive attribute. WANTED: Any developer who manages to unblur my picture and who enjoys my passion for the field of computer vision.


R&D Computer engineer

Passionate about free technologies and specialist in image processing, I found at Invis’art a human company, a talented R&D team and an exciting project allowing me to fully develop my skills.


Software and Robotics Engineer

Fond of new technologies and innovation, I face new technical challenges on a daily basis, which I am able to solve thanks to a very talented team, both in terms of technical and administrative skills.


RQ – Regulatory Affairs

Spirit of a start-up in an innovative company. The motivating and professionalizing leadership allows you to improve your skills every day. Assignments are challenging, the Board’s involvement in the quality process facilitates its implementation and follow-up.


R&D Engineer in Electronics

Engineer / Doctor in design of embedded systems, I followed a multidisciplinary training reinforced by significant professional experiences allowing me to acquire advanced knowledge in real-time computing and microelectronics. Good interpersonal skills, open-mindedness and the quest for innovation are the additional assets that will allow me to bring added value to INVIS’ART within the Hardware team.


R&D Engineer in electronic routing

Designing electronic cards when you share a single goal with passion and commitment, that’s what I found in this family business.

Invisart has succeeded in bringing together a high-performance team, which allows it to renew its project to be at the forefront of innovation. I relate to it 100%.


Human Resources Officer

For me, each employee is an ambassador of the company.
By joining Invis’Art, I was able to find the values that I love on a daily basis in my work: challenge, team spirit, listening.
What better way to do your job than a management involved in skills development, particular attention to the quality of life at work and committed employees?
The adventure promises to be beautiful!


Software Engineering Intern

Always motivated by the challenge, I joined Invis’art for my first professional experience in the world of development.

Every day is made up of challenges to take up and knowledge to acquire and this is, for me, the secret of fulfillment at work.


Computer Engineer Research and Development

Motivated by new experiences and driven by the desire to put my knowledge at the service of technology, I found at Invis’art, an innovative company and a team of enthusiasts who allow me to give the best of myself.


Mathematical engineer applied to computer science

Learning every day to invent better, cooperate every day to innovate better.
Being able to put my passion for mathematics at the service of a stimulating project is so motivating!
Invisart and its passionate and close-knit team embody for me the ideal environment to flourish.


FPGA Engineer

FPGA developer engineer and electronic designer, passionate about innovation and new technologies, I am honored to be part of a human challenge to bring important comfort in the medical field with the highest technologies. I found at Invis’Art, an innovative company with a team of passionate, talented, who allow me to give the best of myself and start a great adventure.


SO why not you?

We are currently hiring!

Senior engineers with expertise in the following areas: C++, image processing, medical imaging, 3D vision, HMI, GPU/Cuda…

Feel free to apply and send your CV to candidature@invisart.fr.